Green Child Magazine Summer2017 | Page 11

Healing from the Heart one family’s story of finding their calling through herbal healing Becoming a parent has a way of making us look at our lives through a whole new lens. Doesn’t it sometimes seem like navigating the sea of choices we’re suddenly faced with is almost as overwhelming as suddenly having a little one to care for day and night? One such company is Fabula Nebulae — a small, conscientious family business that makes skincare products for the whole family, to help naturally care for that delicate baby skin, and all of those boo-boos that pop up during childhood (and beyond). We have to make decisions about the big things - like choosing the name that will fit just right, and feeding, sleeping, and diaper- ing; but now even the everyday things like dry skin, a runny nose, and stinky armpits now warrant responsible decision-making! Fabula Nebulae is mama-owned and family operated - and we do mean completely - from their product development to photographing, from their website to shipping! The family behind the the brand has poured love into their products, and they strive to create each concoction with great care — as if they were making them for their own children. After all, they are, and that’s how the products began. “How do I choose non-toxic products that are healthier for everyone, but also do the job well?” “How do I soothe everyday scrapes and bumps?” “What will help prevent and treat diaper rash, and works with our cloth diapers?” “How do I help when my child has frequent bad dreams?” It’s wonderful to have a community to turn to, whether family, a local parenting group, or an online community & resource. As a publica- tion, we take great pride in being a resource for parents, and we’re thankful to have the opportunity to learn about and connect with companies that meet the standards we care so deeply about — and that parents can trust. 11