Green Apple Issue 4 - Page 36

I have worked for Navitas as a Professional Year trainer since June 2014. In this role I enjoy working with students from a variety of backgrounds and seeing them develop from graduates to young professionals, skilled to enter the workforce.

I was engaged as a Content Development Officer to work on a new Marketing short course in 2019 and the work I did helped me to secure a position in the content development team for the DeakinCo short course credential project as a subject matter expert on employability skills.

I live in Wingello in the Southern Highlands of NSW on a beautiful 55-acre farm with my partner Ben and a variety of animals and pets ranging from alpacas, pigs, sheep and chickens to our very spoilt cats and dog.

We survived the 2019/2020 bushfires that hit Wingello on January 4, where 12 homes in our village were lost. We were very fortunate that the fire passed over our property without damage.

Ben is a volunteer fire fighter with the RFS. On the night he and many other RFS crew spent more than 32 hours on a truck saving our village from the fires. It was a terrible time and everyone came together to support each other.

Working from home without internet for weeks was an issue I also encountered but it was resolved by the generosity of the RFS Captain who offered me his office at the fire station. No virtual backgrounds were required during zoom meetings though, the fire trucks behind kept it interesting!

Life in the village is slowly returning to normal, except for one difference, we are a stronger community now.

Janet Rowlands

Navitas Professional