Green Apple Issue 4 - Page 34

When I joined Navitas North America in 2012, I never imagined the many adventures and opportunities it would provide. From working with undergraduate and graduate pathway programs to spearheading the Academic and Extended English program at the Lowell campus, my journey has been one of incredible student stories and growth.

This past fall, I was honored to be selected to lead the University Skills course at the UMass Boston campus. It truly combines my passion for teaching and helping international students assimilate into US culture.

Through this program, Navitas is addressing a need not many campuses take into account; the culture shock that can affect whether international learners excel or fall behind. I enjoy not only learning about the students' cultures but helping them understand the host culture in America, and more importantly, the academic atmosphere that is Boston Massachusetts.

Although virtual teaching has created new challenges, I've found that this program's core mission hasn't changed and we've used the unprecedented circumstances to start conversations with the students that have deepened their understanding of the world around them.

I love being part of this step in the Navitas program. It is excellent to witness students overcome their insecurities about speaking in English through presenting their ideas and opinions in class. Many students begin the program very shy and nervous about their new environment. It is my pleasure to be one of their stepping stones into their future.


UMass Boston