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What's going on at Navitas

Pacific Futures is a three-way Franco-Australian-New Zealand partnership between two Navitas pathway colleges; Curtin College and the University of Canterbury International College, as well as Université de la Nouvelle-Calédonie. Through funding under the French Embassy in Canberra, Pacific Futures seeks to bring together emerging voices from across the Southwest Pacific region to grapple with tomorrow’s biggest challenges.

To be held on 30 April 2021, Pacific Futures will provide a digital platform for undergraduate students from any disciplinary background to discuss how ths shared region might confront the immense challenges represented by climate change, economic crisis, resource scarcity, population pressure, geopolitical realignment, rapid social change and the spectre of the next pandemic.

Student contributions are being sought from across the Navitas Australasian network. Papers presented will be selected for publication in a bilingual French and English edited volume published by UNC University Press. This is an outstanding opportunity for talented diploma or bachelor students to make a contribution to scholarship and public debate – and a publication in their name.

The deadline for abstracts is 31 March 2021. Pacific Futures is made possible by a grant from the Australian-French Association for Research and Innovation at the Embassy of France in Canberra.

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Pacific Futures