Green Apple Issue 4 - Page 27


The combo effect

ACAP lecturer Slaven Drinovac explains how the emergence of a transdisciplinary approach is transcending the boundaries of disciplinary perspective.

In the making since February 2020, the successful culmination occurred in trimester one 2021. It stemmed from a continuous improvement attitude and collaborative approach between the Disciplines, educators, and students. If the students’ feedback on the learning gained is one of the success measures, these units certainly tick the box. Rolling out the units in the midst of the pandemic had its challenges; nevertheless, the learnings have been well utilised.

The Professionals and Society unit is just one example of a success story, with 670 students enrolled in trimester one 2021. The quality of the content and delivery measures are up to any Australian university programs.

Transforming lives through education has never been so pronounced for the College. A fresh and exciting approach to delivering the units has inspired educators to go the extra mile. To hear students requesting longer lectures/tutorials because they are involved in the topic is heartening and rewarding.

It is fair to say that ACAP is creating professionals of the future. The College’s Disciplines have forged partnerships critical for developing an extraordinary curriculum and shown the students what the word ‘multidisciplinary’ can really mean.

The worldwide pandemic has not tarnished the units' growth and success. One cannot but wonder where this new approach will take us.