Green Apple Issue 4 - Page 26

It is no surprise that with its specialisation in Counselling, Psychology, Social Work, Criminology and Coaching, ACAP was well-positioned to move towards a transdisciplinary approach. This new way of thinking has been translated into MULT units – Sustainability in Helping Processionals, Applications in Context and Professions and Society.

The units' transdisciplinary nature prompts students to make connections between concepts and ideas from different disciplines and to broaden their content base very early in their studies. This approach offers numerous advantages for students. Firstly, the students learn to apply knowledge and interpretations gained in one discipline to a different discipline. Then this new generation of graduates carry this ontological perspective to their future workplaces, positioning them to become significant contributors to their professions’ move towards improved cross-disciplinary collaboration.

The development of the units has been purposeful, collaborative, and innovative. Students are exposed to contemporary topics that complement and enhance the specific skills of each discipline and enable professional practice proficiencies more broadly.

This contemporary approach is making ACAP more relevant for the 21st Century and advancing the college’s position as a thought leader in the field.