Green Apple Issue 4 - Page 22

Programme Element Leader at LBIC, Brunel University,

Dr Azad Noor shares how the online learning platform Padlet has helped students expand their knowledge through social learning.

Engaging learners in lessons has always been a challenge for all of us and there is no doubt online delivery creates challenges anew. Many of us often use colourful slides to deliver course content and then use Q&A and student feedback during sessions to ensure our students have grasped the concepts. However, this system does not work well for those students who learn better by doing. These are the kinaesthetic learners.

If you taught a lab-based module in the pre-pandemic era, you might have reached your limit trying to find a satisfactory solution to replace hand-on activities in the lab. If you teach any science or engineering- based modules, then the urgency is greater; you need your students to learn by doing. But those teaching Arts, Humanities, Business or Computing also want their learners to engage and learn by doing things.

Padlet engages students with learning - and each other