Green Apple Issue 4 - Page 18

What is the Sun Books project?

Sun Books is a World Literacy Foundation project aimed at increasing the quality of education and supporting literacy development by bringing 21st Century technology to classrooms commonly described as 'off the grid'. THE Navitas Education Trust is currently supporting the provision of Sun books to Ireti Girls Primary School in Nigeria.

What are Sun books?

Sun Books are solar powered tablets, loaded with interactive digital content such as teacher resources, English vocabulary books, local language story books, science books, listening/speaking exercises and songs for use in classrooms. Once loaded, the Sun Book tablets do not depend on intranet access.

A unique opportunity for our staff

Sun Books has a truly unique opportunity for staff. Everyone who volunteers will be helping to provide valuable digital resources to children with limited access to techology. What's more, it can be done remotely, which means staff anywhere in the world can contribute.

Selecting from four different roles available, volunteers will be required to commit to 10 hours per month, for a period of the two consecutive months of May and June 2021. Volunteers will also be required to attend a two-hour online training workshop in April.

Your chance to help Sun Books reach 'off the grid' classrooms

Project, funded by Navitas Education Trust, combines solar technology with interactive educational content to benefit primary school girls in West Africa.