Greater Enid Chamber of Commerce 2020-2021 - Page 8

8 GREATER ENID CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Three-Year Strategic Plan (July 2020) Greater Enid Chamber of Commerce Economic & Community Development Strategy for the Enid Region EDUCATION / COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL Support Education and Workforce Development • Expand mentoring programs in elementary and middle schools (support Coach a Kid program) • Support efforts to establish a Youth Center in Enid • Encourage businesses to provide resources for early childhood development • Partner with local businesses to offer the ENID 4 TEACHERS discount program • Support efforts to keep Oklahoma K-12 teacher salaries among the highest in the region (retain and attract teachers) • Support increased funding for the classroom to help reduce class sizes • Support efficient use of public resources for common education (encourage sensible administrative consolidation to maximize funding for the classroom) • Protect and enhance state funding for post-secondary education (Career Tech & Higher Education) • Encourage expanded advance placement and concurrent enrollment in our schools • Support efforts to increase enrollment at Autry Technology Center, NOC-Enid and NWOSU-Enid • Advocate continued and expanded partnerships between Career Tech and Higher Ed institutions • Provide marketing support for Leadership Greater Enid (LGE) program. Encourage organizations to utilize LGE graduates for boards and community leadership positions LOCAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT / GOV’T. AFFAIRS COUNCIL Support quality of life projects that help attract businesses, workers and families • Support continued downtown development including the completion of the downtown hotel, improving walkability, and expanding downtown residential living • Advocate a sustainable city budget allocation for neighborhood parks, community parks and trails system • Support efforts for physician recruitment to ensure access to high quality healthcare for Enid and Northwest Oklahoma residents • Promote the development of Enid Soccer Complex as a major asset for Enid’s quality of life and visitor industry (Capitalize on new sports facilities to expand athletics tourism in Enid) • Support efforts to implement the Kaw Lake pipeline project to provide a sustainable water supply for Enid • Advocate continued implementation of the community wayfinding signage plan • Support Enid’s brand identity and help deliver Enid’s “boundless, vibrant, original” message through Chamber events, publications, social media and website