Greater Enid Chamber of Commerce 2020-2021 - Page 3

GREATER ENID CHAMBER OF COMMERCE LETTER FROM THE CHAIRMAN Growing up in Northwest Oklahoma, Enid was the big city we came to for entertainment, shopping, and an opportunity to dine out with options. 3 After graduating from NWOSU in Alva I had the chance to move to Enid and quickly started to realize the once thought of big city had a lot of attributes and similarities of the small town I grew up in. Even though there are ten times the amount of people living in Enid compared to my hometown, it did not take long to develop many new friendships and relationships that made the transition very easy and welcoming for my family. “Involvement in the community has always been a high priority for me. ” -Todd Hamilton My wife, Kendra, and kids, Kelson-13, Tayden-11, and Kambree-8, can truly not imagine calling any other place home other than Enid. Involvement in the community has always been a high priority for me. The Chamber is actively engaged in so many different aspects of helping Enid retain, grow and thrive that it was an easy decision to serve and participate with all these exciting events. The expansion of the Koch Fertilizer plant that will begin in 2021, the new $2.5 million terminal at the Enid Woodring Regional Airport, and the community wayfinding signage plan are just a few initiatives I wanted to highlight. Various Chamber events and activities also help to showcase many wonderful happenings in our community. From the Candy Cane Cash put on every year to the Enid Day at the Capitol, there is always something the Chamber has to offer. The Chamber continues to work on initiatives identified in our 3-year strategic plan under the umbrellas of Education/Community Development, Federal, State and Local Economic Development, and Membership Development. Community involvement will help enhance and keep the momentum going to achieve the goals set forth with this plan. I am honored to serve as your Board Chair this year and look forward to keeping the momentum going to help Enid grow in the right direction. Todd Hamilton Chairman of the Board