Greater Enid Chamber of Commerce 2020-2021 - Page 17

2001: Garfield Co. Child Advocacy Council Children’s Campus 2000: Oklahoma Storm Basketball Team 1999: Enid Symphony Center and the David Allen Memorial Ballpark 1998: Boy Scouts Center 1997: Adventure Quest 1996: Enid Lights Up the Plains, Bartunek Winery 1995: University Center of Enid, Home of EHEP, Leonardo’s Discovery Warehouse 1994: Humphrey Heritage Village 1993: Vance Air Force Base 1992: Midgley Museum, Pride in Property, Kenwood Park, Sonic Drive In’s 1991: Gary Hulse Clothing, Bass Memorial Baptist Hospital, Gungoll, Jackson, Collins & Box, Gaslight Theatre 1990: No banquet 1989: Pegasys, Enid Public School Foundation 1988: Robert Greer Dually Diagnosed Center, Enid-Phillips Symphony Orchestra, Taft School-A neighborhood beautification project 1987: Golden Oaks Village-Phase III, Cherokee Strip Conference Center 1986: David Nicholas for restoration work around downtown square and Enid AM AMBUCS 1985: Women In Construction-Gazebo on the Courthouse Lawn, Honorable mention for Dr. James O. DeFoe for Summerfest ‘86, Meadowlake Beautification 1984: City of Enid’s water development project, Enid Ballet Theatre, Paul J. Crosslin Memorial Park, Vance Air Force Base, Oakwood Mall, Williamsburg Square, Mitchell & DeClerck Building, Oakwood National Bank 1983: Sunset Plaza, Meadows Point Apartments, Enid Health Center 1982: Heritage Hills Shopping Center 1981: The Western Co., J.A.S. Center 1980: American Standard Life Building, North, Chesterfield Cylinder Co., George E. Failing expansion, Hughes Drilling Co.,Halliburton Services 1979: Springs Medical Building 1978: Security National Bank Drive- Through 1977: City of Enid Offices 1976: Plaza Medical Building 1975: Hallie G. Gantz Center, Phillips University 1974: First Baptist Church 1973: Central National Bank & Trust Co. GREATER ENID CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 17 1972: Enid Publishing Co. 2010: Bob Klemme 1971: Central Machine & Tool Co., 2009: Bill Shewey Dierksen, Jones Buick, Federal Land 2008: Dr. Kem Keithly Bank of Enid, 2005: Irv Honingsberg Janzen Oldsmobile, Marquise Studio, 2002: Ed Long Dean Pearson Dodge, Richill’s Cafeteria, 2000: Dick Lambertz Salvation Army, St. Mary’s Hospital, 1997: Roy Horne YWCA SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD: 1970: Bass Memorial Baptist Hospital (Not given annually) 1969: Enid Speech & Hearing Center 2018: Leadership Greater Enid Class 1968: S & Q Clothiers XXVII 1967: 1st United Methodist Church 2016: Woodring Runway Extension VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR: Mike Cooper & Dan Ohnesorge 2015: Enid Baseball Camp 50th Year 2014: Enid Vietnam Memorial Wall 2013: Triangle Insurance, Hiland Partners and Wymer Brownlee for business expansion in downtown Enid 2011: Bob Farrell 2010: Brian Hayden 2019 Volunteer of the Year 2009: Park Avenue Thrift 2020: Banquet cancelled due to 2008: Harold T. Holden pandemic 2004: Dr. Bill Pennington 2019: Mike Riddle 1999: Michael G. Cooper 2018: Carmen Ball 1996: Harold Hamm 2017: Willa Jo Fowler AMBASSADOR OF THE YEAR: 2016: Joe Forbes 2015: Al Fox 2014: Susie Meibergen 2013: Sharon Trojan 2012: George Pankonin 2011: Janet Cordell 2010: Stanley Hicks 2009: Corey Groendyke 2019 Ambassador of the Year 2008: Les Beckham 2020: Banquet cancelled due to 2007: Allan McCobb pandemic 2006: April Danahy 2019: Tricia Mitchell 2005: Mike Cooper 2018: Phil Outhier 2004: Todd Earl 2017: Demetrius Office 2003: Doug Frantz 2016: Kyle Hockmeyer 2002: Dr. John Provine 2015: Arlene Shore 2001: Tim Traynor 2014: Lori Earl 2000: Stan Brownlee 2013: Matt Clark 1999: Christmas in April key volunteers 2012: Mary Feightner 1998: Jay Hoberecht 2011: Dr. Earl Mabry 1997: David Henneke 2010: Kathie Houston 1996: Elizabeth Allen, Joel Champlin 2009: Julie Nelson 1995: Theo Fite, CNB 2008: Patrece Allen 1994: Stephanie DeClerck 2007: Shelley Stutchman 1993: Rick & Donna Hundley 2006: Bea Paul 1992: The Super Bowl Brothers- 2005: Wanda Waken Juneteenth Celebration 2004: Monte Burris 1991: Robert B. Berry 2003: Nancy Miller LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD 2002: Kandi Nelson (Not given annually) 2014: Jack Tate 2013: Leonard C. Northcutt 2011: Bert Mackie