Greater Athens January 2022 - Page 39

going to stick . But you know what they say … insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result .
So I ’ m reading a fantastic book right now called “ Atomic Habits ” by James Clear . He explains that the phenomenon I ’ ve been experiencing is the predictable result of goal-oriented thinking .
We set a goal . We get in motion . We achieve the goal . And then we ’ re done . Since we ’ ve been working so hard to get to where we ’ re going , once we ’ re done , we ’ re apt to let ourselves enjoy the fruits of our labor by relaxing our standards . And in my case , those standards are admittedly not sustainable nor enjoyable .
Little by little we slide back and next thing you know … POOF ! We ’ re back where we started . Again .
For lifetime success , Clear says we should ditch the goal-oriented thinking and instead focus on who
we want to be . When I really think about it , it ’ s not skinny that I want to be . It ’ s healthy .
So I ’ m re-training myself to focus on the habits that a healthy person would have . A healthy person would drink water and eat their vegetables , but they wouldn ’ t necessarily say no to a piece of birthday cake or occasional piece of chocolate either .
My brother is significantly younger than me and one time when he was in high school I asked him if it was cool to eat junk food or eat healthy amongst his peers . His reply surprised me : “ Neither . It ’ s cool to be chill .”
So that ’ s what I ’ m doing this go ‘ round . Focusing on being healthy , but also simultaneously being chill about it . Enjoying indulgences without shame or blame . Realizing that it ’ s not a race . And trying to set myself up for success not just to reach a goal , but to create the type of life that enables me to be the type of person that I want to be .
While I ’ ve shared with you my personal struggle , of course this game plan works for most any change it is that you ’ d like to make this year .
Changing our habits is hard , but it ’ s oh so doable .
Some tips for healthy habit building :
1 . Put it in your calendar and set a reminder , then hold yourself accountable to doing it right then .
2 . Habit stack by incorporating your desired new habit with a habit that you already do successfully .
3 . Find support and accountability through friends , family or an online community .
Welcome to 2022 , y ’ all . Let ’ s do this thing .

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