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Shana Stein Faulhaber

Who do you want to be ?

Shana Stein Faulhaber is a criminal defense attorney , certified mediator , yoga teacher and life coach living in Athens , Texas with her husband and two pups . To connect with her visit www . faulhaberfirm . com or call her office at ( 903 ) 600-6067 .
For decades now I ’ ve yo-yoed thirty pounds . Like a ping-pong ball I bounce back and forth between my goal weight and what we ’ ll refer to as my upper limit of personal acceptability ( read : when I feel my fat rolls start touching each other and I freak out and at long last muster the motivation to diet and exercise ).
I am amazing at all or nothing … when I ’ m good , I ’ m SO good . Working out every day , eating like I ’ m training for a triathlon , and saying no to all of the temptations .
But when I ’ m off the wagon , I don ’ t just fall off , I burn the entire wagon to the ground … eating all of the fried and processed foods , all the treats , and grazing constantly like a cow at pasture . Also , I stop working out completely .
And since there ’ s no wagon left to hop back on , I get stuck there for a hot minute , until I save up enough to buy a whole new wagon . It ’ s absolutely exhausting . I ’ ve said for many years now that I want off the roller coaster and every time I get back to my goal weight I declare that this is the time that it ’ s
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