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Trinidad TROJANS

Trinidad looks to build off tough 2021 season

The Trinidad Trojans head into the 2022 season knowing they had some learning lessons this past season .
With a change in coaches and a new leader in Michael Warren , the Trojans finished at 0-10 overall and 0-3 in district play .
“ Coming into the season , I knew that we were going to be young ,” Warren said . “ I knew that we had a lot of growing to do . I had some expectations on some players coming out that it didn ’ t work out , which is understandable . Once we worked through that battle and we got guys moving in the right direction , we got better and improved every week .”
With five starters back and two seniors returning next season on both sides of the ball , Warren is optimistic about the future of Trojan football .
“ We are developing the kids to learn a tight offense and the kids see that we are trying to move forward ,” Warren said . “ We are going to grow and getting ready to become a good varsity football team . We are really young and my biggest challenge was getting the guys ready for the change and get the buy-in as early as I could .”
When it comes to the transition between coaches , Warren said his biggest lesson was patience and knowing what the program can become .
“ The biggest lesson that I learned this season is patience . You come in and think you have a lot of talent and there is a lot of things to learn in the game ,” Warren said . “ I had a man playing on the line this year that half way through the season , I got forced to put him at running back . He did a great job for us and if I would have seen that earlier , it could have benefited us later in the year . We have to have the patience to let them improve and get better in Trojan football .” He said with a district that included powerhouses in Ladonia Fannindel and
Bowie-Goldburg along with Forestburg , the challenge would definitely be there in this final district season .
“ I knew the district was going to be tough with Forestburg being a little down like us this year ,” Warren said . “ I knew that Fannindel and Bowie Goldburg were at their peak and they had a lot of guys returning that played football for them . My biggest thing was going in and telling the guys to compete with them . We went out and competed with Fannindel and once we got tired it was a struggle . The district was definitely a challenge this year .”
He is hoping when realignment hits in February , the University Interscholastic League is nice to the Trojans .
“ I would hope with Bynum coming down to Division 2 , someone in the UIL could get the string putting us with a Mount Calm , Bynum and possibly a Buckholtz type realignment for something close . You
got the Oakwood and Apple Springs areas and Oakwood seems good , but they would be our closest games . We have five or six teams out West that moved up so maybe we can keep something within an hour to an hour and 15 minutes to help on travel time .”
Warren said the future of Trojan athletics is very bright and fans will see a change coming soon .
“ I think Trinidad will be able to compete in everything ,” Warren said . “ We can compete in football going a couple of rounds deep as well as basketball and baseball . The tide is also turning in girls basketball so it will be something that people will be able to sit back and watch and have a smile on their face . I see the athleticism coming up and the buy-in coming together soon . The wealth is starting to spread and across the board , we will compete all the way across the board .”
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