Greater Athens January 2022 - Page 11

plan to win a lot of games here and if we don ’ t , then we will probably be coaching somewhere else . The number one goal as to why we are here is to build great Christian young men .
“ I have no doubt we are doing that everyday and don ’ t hear me wrong , we plan to win games and make playoff runs . As long as we are doing what I said in developing young men and seeing them grow and seeing them
have the opportunity to leave Athens High School and be strong members of society , then I know I am going to be able to sleep good at night . I am really excited about our kids , program and coaches and I could not be
happier to be an Athens Hornet and being in this community .”
Note : For the full interview , check out the Coaches Corner podcast on the Athens Daily Review website under this story .
January 2022 | Greater Athens Magazine 11