Great Everyday Meals Magazine | By Momma Cuisine Summer 2016 | Page 29

the grill 5 of your dreams when looking for the perfect match brought to you by Kenmore 3 1 factors to consider ® elevate your efficiency Trips inside can interrupt your flow. Keep ingredients accessible with the right mix of built-in cabinets, drawers, hooks and fold-down shelves — maybe even consider a built-in refrigerator. 4 capacity is key Do you like to entertain? A six-burner grill lets you play backyard chef to the masses. Keeping it simple? Consider a three-burner grill that delivers the power you need without breaking the bank. keep it convenient Simple features can make life a lot easier. Look for time-savers like built-in LED lights for night cooking, grease trays for fast cleanup, and fuel systems that easily convert to natural gas. 2 consider cooking methods 5 finish strong Today’s grills go beyond just grates with built-in smokers and searing side burners. There are even steamer drawers for veggies and rotisserie options for slow-cooked deliciousness. For both style and function — you’ve got choices in finish, like enameled porcelain-coated, rugged powder-coated and classic stainless steel. Feeling bold? How about a color? Like red. Want some more summer tips, tricks and inspiration? Check out the Kenmore® blog Browse and compare our full line of Kenmore grill options at ®