Great Britain Hockey 93026 GBH Talent Development Framework Booklet - Page 6

End in Mind Hockey is a fast-paced, interactive and highly skilled sport. Players continually move into different positions, at varying speeds and are required to rapidly assess changing situations and make decisions. In looking to develop young hockey players that enjoy the sport and can progress to the highest level, Great Britain Hockey has started with the ‘End in Mind’ and identified five key characteristics of world-leading hockey players – the things that we are really looking to develop in players to make them the most effective on the pitch. A key guiding question to help players development is… Based on the player(s) needs and his/her/their age and stage, to move towards the End in Mind, what does your player(s) need, in relation to: (1) their Individual qualities (2) the Environment and/or (3) the Game? Hockey Hub For access to more content and support linked to End in Mind, please click here. 6