Great Britain Hockey 93026 GBH Talent Development Framework Booklet - Page 4

Talent Development Framework To bring to life Great Britain Hockey’s Talent Development mission statement of “strategically delivering World leading development experiences”, the aim of Great Britain Hockey’s Talent Development Framework (TDF) is: We acknowledge that the development journey to becoming a world-class hockey player is complex, non-linear and unique to each player. Therefore, the TDF is not intended to be a definitive ‘manual’ for prescriptive delivery of hockey. To allow best practice to become common practice, from early talent development to sub-senior context across GB The TDF recognises that development emerges from the interaction between the player(s), the environment they’re in and the way the game is played, and for that reason the TDF is visually portrayed as a series of connected circles (figure 1). But instead, provide a guiding framework as to the experiences and environments developing players require to flourish and progress through the talent pathway, while ensuring delivery of these hockey experiences are as closely aligned as possible to developing future world-leading players. It is our aspiration that the TDF will enable Hockey across Great Britain to provide players with a more systemic approach to optimizing their development (figure 1). GAME END IN MIND VIRONMEN T EN PLAYER Figure 1: The Talent Development Framework 4