Great Britain Hockey 93026 GBH Talent Development Framework Booklet - Page 24

Coach Development Workshops A number of new coach development workshops have been developed to support coaches align their delivery to the Talent Development Framework. Below provides an overview of the workshops coming your way. Games or game-like activity should be an essential focus of each training session, rather than an aspect of the session just played at the end. This workshop will provide a framework for developing practices that will create the right learning environment for talented players to flourish. Motivational climate Environment Practice design A key aspect of developing highly-skilled players is through practice design. This is through fun, decision rich activities that are representative of the game, not repetitive drills. 24 Understanding motivation and its role in the learning process is essential for coaches. The environment created should be one where players are striving to improve and their perception of their ability is supported through a focus on progress. This workshop will give you an increased knowledge and understanding of creating your motivational climate, learning environment and the training strategies of your players.