Grassroots Vol 20 No 3 | Page 37

South African Risk and Vulnerability Atlas releases new portal Dr Claire Davis-Reddy Current Address: SAEON uLwazi Node Reprinted From: NEWS The world is facing a number of complex global challenges. These include changes in the climate system as well as changes in biophysical and human systems such as urbanisation, deforestation, biodiversity loss and, more recently, the rise of pandemics. Creating an enabling environment for communities, governments and sectors to respond to global change risks is critical to ensure future resilience. One essential component of responding to global change is open access to data in a format that is suitable for use (i.e. decision-ready). South African Risk and Vulnerability Atlas * The South African Risk and Vulnerability Atlas (SARVA) is in its third phase of development and a new portal was released in April 2020 – sarva.saeon. The aim of SARVA is to profile the vulnerability of local municipalities and proactively provide information to strengthen the ability of the people of South Africa to cope with a range of natural and anthropogenic hazards, including climate change, biodiversity loss and epidemics. SARVA will achieve this by providing open access to decision-ready data and translating the data and risk maps into a digestible narrative for decision-makers using a range of decision-support tools which include curated spatial data collections, indicator dashboards, infographics and a searchable atlas. Researched blog reports on current topics SARVA features several researched interactive reports on current topics including Covid-19 Preparedness Indicators. The purpose of these is to showcase datasets that can be used Figure 1: Views of the Covid-19 Preparedness Indicators have reached more than 130 000, demonstrating the potential power of SAEON’s open access data to assist in planning initiatives both for Covid-19 and beyond (Picture: Unsplash) Grassroots Vol 20 No 3 September 2020 36