Graslander Uitgawe 3: Nampo - Page 3

WELCOME Inhoud CONTENTS Welcome p.1 Ondergrond Versuring p.2 Application of lime p.3 The Cost of Soil Acidity p.4 Grasland 50 Not out p.5 Bekalkingsproef van NWU p.6 Neutralisering van Grondsuurheid p.7 Kan Blaarvoeding Normale Bemesting Vervang Ja of Nee? p.8 THE CYCLICAL NATURE OF AGRICULTURE A nyone who knows anything about agriculture knows that it is a labour of love, an innate passion, a natural affinity with land and animal that drives the producer to endure through good times and bad times. The industry has just come out of a crippling drought and all of a sudden the country’s largest dams are overfull, yet down in the South the Cape farmers are still struggling dry conditions. With seasonal weather patterns being more affected by climate change, which affects rainfall, it is becoming more and more critical to extract the greatest potential yield from your harvest. Agricultural lime is without doubt an important ingredient in the mix to ensure a successful harvest. In this, our third edition of Graslander, the industry jour- nal which sheds light on the industry, we look at the value and importance of the application of lime. See articles on pages 3 and 6. We also take great pleasure in celebrating 50 years of lime excellence. Check your inbox in the near future for more exciting information in celebration of our 50th anniversary. Your ongoing support and partnership have been one of the cornerstones of our existence. Thank you for joining us on our journey - we look forward to the next 50 years. Etienne Schoeman MD Grasland Graslander Maart 2017 1