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GRAND CHALLENGES LECTURE SERIES VISITING FELLOWS THE ENDS OF WORK PROFESSOR NICHOLAS SMITH 16 MAY 2018 | KEELE HALL | THE SALVIN ROOM 1.00PM-2.00PM | FREE ADMISSION REFRESHMENTS AVAILABLE One of the great challenges of our times is the current transformation of work and how we should orient ourselves ethically in relation to this transformation. It is popularly argued that as more and more jobs become automated, there will be less and less work to go around, decreasing occupational stability, but no shortage of wealth. In these circumstances, the fundamental moral challenge is to ensure that those who remain in work do not enjoy a disproportionately large share of this wealth, that the growing numbers of unemployed people get their fair share, and that no one is stigmatised for not wanting to work at all. Put simply, to ensure that the benefits – and in particular the freedoms – of the end of work are equally available to everyone. However, the question remains; does this get to the ethical heart of the challenge the transformation of work poses for us? In this lecture I suggest that it does not. Professor Nicholas H. Smith is Professor of Philosophy at Macquarie University and an Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences Fellow 2017-8. He has published widely in critical social theory and philosophy of work. His latest book, The Return of Work in Critical Theory: Self, Society, Politics, co-authored with Christophe Dejours, Jean- Philippe Deranty and Emmanuel Renault, is published by Columbia University Press (2018). AT THE INSTITUTE 2017-18 as more and more jobs become automated, there will be less and less work to go around LEAH THORN Spoken Word Poet Poetry (E)motion: Older Women Rock the Potteries! With Dr Dana Rosenfeld, School of Social Science and Public Policy and Kerry Jones Keele Arts Officer DR CRISTINA DEVECCHI THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTHAMPTON Leading Educational Change in Global Higher Education With Dr Jacqueline Potter, Directorate of Human Resources and Student Services DR THIBAUT DEVIESE UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD Investigating the pharmaceutical skincare properties of natural substance skin based remedies With Dr Szu Shen Wong, School of Pharmacy 10 The Institute Fellowship scheme encourages innovative interdisciplinary collaborations involving international scholars from different backgrounds and disciplines; natural sciences and health sciences to humanities and social sciences. Keele is a welcoming space to think, write and create and the scheme enables fellows to come and spend time here, away from everyday demands. In this way, the Fellowship scheme promotes high quality interdisciplinary research and provides a further stimulus to interdisciplinarity across the university. PROFESSOR MICHAEL SOMEKH PROFESSOR NICHOLAS SMITH THE HONG KONG POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY, NSW, AUSTRAILA Exploring some new microscopy techniques for cellular and sub-cellular imaging With Professor Melissa Mather, Research Institute for Science and Technology in Medicine The Fabric of Social and Global Justice With Professor Shane O’Neill, School of Politics, Philosophy, International Relations and Environment. PROFESSOR ERWU LUI TONGJI UNIVERSITY CHINA Complex network model for robust IoT/IoV in smart cities With Professor Zhong Fan, School of Computing and Mathematics DR SUE MC GLASHAN UNIVERSITY OF AUCKLAND Primary cilia – do they play a role in degeneration of the intervertebral disc and back pain? With Dr Sharon Owen Research Institute for Science and Technology in Medicine DR ANTU SORAINEN UNIVERSITY OF HELSINKI Wills and Inheritance in Sexually Marginalised Groups/Contrasting Margins of Kinship (Corekin) With Professor Mari-Andree Jacob, School of Law To find out more about our visiting fellows, their collaborations and the Institute Fellowship Scheme please see the website institutefellowships/ visitingfellows2017 11