Grand Challenges lecture series Grand Challenges 2018-2019 - Page 8

GRAND CHALLENGES LECTURE SERIES Professor Daniel M Davis HOW CAN WE CURE DISEASE? 30 JANUARY 2019 1.00PM-2.00PM KEELE HALL, THE SALVIN ROOM The immune system holds the key to human health. The body’s ability to fight disease and heal itself is one of the great mysteries and marvels of nature. But within the last few years painstaking research has resulted in major advances in our understanding of this breathtakingly beautiful inner world: a vast and intricate network of specialist cells, regulatory proteins and dedicated genes that are continually protecting our bodies. Far more powerful than any medicine ever invented, it also plays a crucial role in our daily lives. Already we have found ways to harness these natural defences to create breakthrough drugs and so-called immunotherapies that help us fight cancer, diabetes, arthritis and many age-related diseases, and we are starting to understand whether or not activities such as mindfulness might play a role in enhancing our physical resilience. In this talk, Professor Davis will describe the scientific quest to understand how it works – and how it is affected by stress, sleep, age and our state of mind – and explain how this knowledge is now unlocking a revolutionary new approach to medicine and well-being. Daniel M Davis is a Professor of Immunology at Manchester University. His research, using super- resolution microscopy to study immune cell biology, was listed in Discover magazine as one of the top 100 breakthroughs of the year. He is the author of The Compatibility Gene, 2014 and his most recent book, The Beautiful Cure was published in 2017. He has published widely; over 120 academic papers, including articles in Nature, Science and Scientific American. 8