Grand Challenges lecture series Grand Challenges 2018-2019 - Page 10

GRAND CHALLENGES LECTURE SERIES VISITING FELLOWS AT THE INSTITUTE 2018-19 To find out more about our visiting fellows, their collaborations and the Institute Fellowship Scheme please see the website institutefellowships/ visitingfellows2018-19 10 Our visiting fellows are scholars with international reputations from diverse backgrounds, disciplines and locations. Our fellowships provide opportunities for them to spend time at Keele working with their academic partners on exciting innovative interdisciplinary projects. They are warmly welcomed and enjoy the space away from everyday pressures which Keele offers. Visiting scholars play a full part in the life of the Institute and the wider University, providing dissemination events to share their work in progress or contributing a Grand Challenge lecture. In this way the Fellowship scheme promotes innovative interdisciplinary research and helps to nurture enduring collaborations and friendships.