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Danville Area Community College 2023 Graduates
July 2023
Danville Area Community College
Danville Area Community College District No . 507 Board of Trustees
David W . Harby Chairperson
Greg A . Wolfe Vice Chairperson
Tracy Cherry Sandra Finch Dylan Haun Terry T . Hill Maruti Seth
Decarlo Flagg , Jr . Student Trustee
Dr . Stephen Nacco President
Danville Area Community College is committed to providing quality , innovative , and accessible learning experiences that meet the lifelong academic , cultural , and economic needs of our diverse communities and the world we share .
Danville Area Community College Graduates Class Of 2023

Danville Area Community College 2023 Graduates

Danville Area Community College exists to help students set and meet goals . Anyone is welcome through the doors at any stage of life . Whether students choose to pursue a baccalaureate degree or to enter the workforce after leaving DACC , helping them to fulfill their dreams is the number one priority of everyone connected to the College .
Students who have a cumulative grade-point average of 4.000 graduated with the designation summa cum laude and wore a gold tassel , gold cord , and a medallion . There were 11 such graduates in the class of 2023 who represented their class during the ceremony .
Marshals leading the processional were Xitlally Bonilla , Rowan Clawson , both of Danville ; Ryan Bostwick , Bismarck ; Olivia Logue , Armstrong ; Mason McMasters , Potomac ; and Kyleigh Weller , Philo . Rowan Clawson is a dual graduate , receiving her high school diploma and Associate degree at the same time . She also has served as an All Star Jaguar student ambassador this year . Olivia Logue served as the Student Trustee on the DACC Board from April 2022 to April 2023 .
Rebecca Rogers , Catlin , and Madison Watson , Danville , led the Pledge of Allegiance and Morgan Miller , Rossville , and Emma Myers , Westville , led the tassel ceremony . The class response was given by Olivia Edgington , a Criminal Justice major from Danville .
Magna cum laude graduates have a cumulative grade-point average of 3.750-3.999 and wore a gold tassel and a gold cord ; cum laude grades have a cumulative gradepoint average of 3.50-3.749 and wore a gold tassel . Students ’ ability to be recognized at the graduation ceremony is based on the cumulative grade-point average calculated at the end of the fall semester prior to the spring ceremony .
The College recognized two Franklin University graduates who completed Bachelor ’ s degrees through DACC ’ s 3 + 1 partnership with Franklin . Phillip Howie , Danville , received a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration . Marlo Maher , Oakwood , is a double major who received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a second BS in Communications .
These two graduates previously completed an Associate degree at DACC and then took a third year of DACC courses that counted toward their Bachelor ’ s degree before completing that degree online through Franklin . The program allows placebound students to complete a Bachelor ’ s degree while meeting their family and work commitments at home at a significantly reduced cost compared to a traditional residential university degree .
For those who are just beginning or are continuing the educational journey , DACC is currently registering for fall 2023 classes . For those who have reached their destination , Danville Area Community College is proud to present this commemorative folio in recognition of the achievements of the Class of 2023 .