GPS Newsletter Global Gazette April 2019

R Volume 5, Issue 2 April 2019 For Private Circulation only An ISO 9001:2015 certified school World Class Achievements! FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK In the hurly-burly of school life, as we paused to capture all that was done this past year, Louis MO Armstrong’s beautiful song “..and I say to myself, What a wonderful World !”, comes to mind. The taste of continued academ- ic success, the joy of winning a trophy in each sport, the eureka moments in the STEAM classes and the excitement of watching stu- dents excel in the National arena are showcased in this issue along with details of our pièce de résis- tance, the musical evening ‘Tarang 2019’ with the maestro Mr. Shankar Mahadevan. Navaneetha Rajeev and Nina Matthew were the recipients of the Cambridge High Achievement Award declared in 2018 for IGCSE Sociology and AS level Trav- el & Tourism respectively. Janani Mahadevan topped the country in AS level History. Navaneetha Rajeev Nina Matthew Janani Mahadevan The March 2018 series also had outstanding results with a 100% pass in the IGCSE as well as A level examinations. While 27% of the IGCSE students secured an ICE certificate, all students who appeared for the French examinations passed with flying colours! IGCSE/AS/A LEVEL RESULTS IGCSE 100% PASS We hope you enjoy reading this edition and do send in your feedback to GPS Editorial Team Inside this Issue Inside this issue Accolades Page 2-3 Success Stories Page 4 GPSites care Page 5 Stepping Stones Chronicles Page 6-7 Juniors at Work Page 8-9 Middles School Chronicles Page 10 The Leaders Page 11 The Performers Page 12-13 GPS and the Environment Page 14 Events@GPS Page 15 Planing Ahead Page 16 Awards@GPS Page 17 Field Trips Page 18-19 STEAM@GPS Page 20 Sports@GPS- Page 21-23 Tarang Page 24 Faheem Mohammed 5A* 3A Nikhil Issac Jose 5A* 3A Neha Vishwanathan 3A* 4A Niveditha Rajeev 6A* 1A Nikitha Antony 3A* 4A Anagha Varma 5A* 2A Nidhi Subash 2A* 5A A LEVELS 100% PASS Bharat Manikkath 3A* 1A Devika Dinesh 3A Kashyap Sanjeev 5A* 2A Arjun Varma 1A* 4A