GPI 2017 Spanish Grand Prix | Page 2

HAMILTON VS VETTEL A CLASS ACT Formula 1 fans were finally treated to a proper shootout between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel at the Spanish Grand Prix. The two traded blows in qualifying and during an enthralling race, in the end Hamilton won and was out of breath on the podium relishing his rawest and hardest fought triumph, while a much fresher Vettel lamented how close he came to scoring his third win of the season. So near, yet so far. His only solace, perhaps, is the fact that he leads the championship race as he flew out of Barcelona. Daniel Ricciardo was a very distant third, clearly Red Bull’s raft of Adrian Newey inspired updates fell short as both Mercedes and Ferrari did not sit still in the development race and were on another planet in Spain. There was also drama in the form of a first turn shunt which eliminated two podium contenders. Amid the thrills of a great duel by the front-runners, it was sad to see how far ahead they are from the rest. Except for Ricciardo, 75 seconds behind the winner, the top two lapped the field at least once. We have the whole weekend well covered with some glorious eye candy as usual. Enjoy! PUBLISHER • PEEVEE MEDIA EDITOR • PAUL VELASCO REPORTER • BEN STEVENS CONTRIBUTORS • GRAND PRIX 247 • GETTY IMAGES • REUTERS, AFP, AP & PA • F1 TEAMS & FIA MEDIA CONTACT • [email protected]