GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #65 - Page 8


Reading the latest magazine I went straight to my interest : motorhome travel ( GoRV # 64 ). Interesting advice and informative details ; however , one stick to my brain : while describing bedding arrangement it stated , “ Models available that can sleep between two and six people …”
What about one person alone ? Why start with two and not one ? It is certainly a trivial matter but this is not the first time I have read about motorhomes and even campervans suitable for “ two or more people ”. Why is it like that ? What happen to one ?
I have just watched your video of the Don Cadet van ( GoRV # 64 ). My son bought a house about two years ago and stored in the shed was a Don caravan that the people next door had never seen in their 40 years of living there .
These are the photos that I took before he sold it – it even had a bath under one of the seats !
Ian Ing Via email
By the way , I ’ m slowly getting used to the fact that in Australia ‘ van ’ stands for caravan and not a converted panel van , with an engine . I ’ m slowly learning .
Lewis Via email
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