GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #65 - Page 62

The Kimberley region isn ’ t exactly known for being easily accessible , but hey , that ’ s part of its charm , right ? Darwin is the closest capital city to both towns : 830km from Kununurra and 1870km from Broome . The next closest city , Perth , is 2220km to Broome and 3200km to Kununurra .
However , along these routes there is much to be seen , so the best way to travel to these towns is to make them a destination for a road trip . Most flights to Broome fly through Perth ; for Kununurra , flights stop over in either Perth or Darwin .
Moreover , if planning a visit during the wet season , keep in mind that both towns can – and almost always do at some point in the season – get cut off due to flooding , so this may need to be factored into your schedule .
W I N N E R !
Both are fairly remote but easily accessible from the A1 highway – except if it ’ s flooding !
Great views from the top of Elephant Rock .
Molly Springs runs year-round and is a local favourite .
For such a small , remote town , Broome , traditionally known as ‘ Rubibi ' by the Yawuru people , is brimming with history . The oldest notable history goes back 120 million years to the age of dinosaurs .
Several dinosaur tracks were identified along Broome ’ s coastline in the 1980s and have become a popular tourist attraction . You can try your luck spotting them yourself at low tide or do a tour with the experts . Broome ’ s pearling industry started back in the 1880s and is still productive to this day , as is evident by the numerous pearl shops in town .
There is a historical pearl lugger with informational signs on display in town . Willie Creek Pearl Farm , 40km from Broome , offers numerous educational tours regarding the modern pearling industry .
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