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In this part of Australia , there are two main seasons : wet and dry . The dry season is from about May to November and is characterised by warm , pleasant days and cool nights , with very little rainfall occurring during these months .
The wet season , on the other hand , goes from approximately December to April and has hot days with slightly less hot nights , with regular , heavy rainfall and increased risk of tropical storms and cyclones .
Both Kununurra and Broome will have some impressive storms during the wet season .
While it may sound unappealing to be in the Kimberley during the wet season , this is when Kununurra really shines . When all the waterways get topped up from the increased rain , the local waterfalls come to life , some of which only exist for short periods after heavy rain .
The infamous Lake Argyle infinity pool great any time of year !
A breathtaking Lake Argyle sunset .
The beauty of these inland freshwater swimming holes is that almost all are croc-free , which can ’ t be said for many of the other waterways in the area .
In the dry season , you still have nearby Lake Argyle , and probably the most photographed infinity pool in Australia , to cool off in .
Meanwhile , Broome is made for the dry season . You don ’ t have the constant threat of storms , stingers , and immobilising heat and humidity stopping you from enjoying the wonders of Broome this time of year .
Swimming in the local beaches is considered safe . Shops and tourist attractions , many of which shut for a majority of the wet season , are open and ready to welcome visitors . The weekly markets are all on and the Staircase to the Moon , which occurs during the full moon , is shining bright .
W I N N E R !
Kununurra – it has something to offer year-round
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