GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #65 - Page 55

The Sheep Hill silo art is impressive in its detail .
Sheep Hill was next on our journey , followed by Rupunyup . The Sheep Hills silo , set back off the highway a fair bit , was incredible . The detail in the art is superb . Painted by Adnate to reflect his experiences with the local indigenous people in 2016 , he stated that he “ sought to shine a spotlight on the area ’ s young indigenous people and highlight the strong ancestral connection that they share with their Elders .”
Rupanyip was the last silo on our tour . Across the road is a shelter for tourists to use . Care is required if taking pics from the roadside area as it ’ s right in the line of traffic . Painted by Russian muralist Julia Volchkova and unveiled in early 2017 , this art reflects the area ’ s youth .
Each artist spent time in the communities where their silo was located before creating their masterpieces to connect with the community and the people they painted . This is why each silo is so unique and has its own remarkable story . This is a trip well worth the effort !
SILO MAKERS Since Grain Corp ( GP ) got involved with the first silo to be painted , creating a great tourist attraction , it has been proactive in providing more inactive silos for the silo art trails . The silo art trail runs through Victoria and New South Wales , and GP accepts proposals for new silos every February .
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