GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #65 - Page 52

The Kaniva silo draws inspiration from the flora and fauna of Little Desert NP .
Our first silo at Goroke ( meaning ‘ magpie )’ was one of our favs . The kookaburra , magpie and galah are native to the area , and the colours and definition are gorgeous . Painted by bird lover Geoffrey Carran and completed in 2020 , this silo is a beautiful start to the journey .
A good map and GPS were needed as we headed along minor roads and some very wet dirt roads from Goroke to Serviceton , just off the Western Highway not too far from the South Australian border . There is a proposed silo in Serviceton itself and until that ' s sorted , the railway station is well worth a visit – it was a major stop for travellers on the main line to South Oz and back .
After a short run up the road to the bustling town of Kaniva , we found the second silo , painted by David Lee Pereira and completed in October 2020 . This art reflects the Little Desert flora and fauna , and it ' s impressive to say the least . The Australian hobby bird features along with some of the local flowers – it ' s very colourful .
Parking here is a little tight for vehicles towing vans and it got busy while we were there . It ' s not far off the main road , though , so a walk in is easy .
When planning this trip , it would pay to be aware of the sun ’ s movements for the best photography .
Heading up the Western Highway towards Nhil is an easy run , and not far from town were the back roads to Japarit , taking us through Rainbow to Albacutya . This stunning silo is a little out of town . There ’ s plenty of parking – just follow the signs . This silo , painted by Kitt Bennet , reflects the sense of fun people can have in the outback . He is quoted as saying his inspiration for this amazingly colourful silo art was to “ create an artwork that tells a story of growing up in the country as a youth . I have fond memories of exploring the bush and looking for yabbies under rocks in creeks with my parents . Reflecting on this weird and wonderful time as an adult is something that brings me a lot of happiness ”.
The Albacutya silo .
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