GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #65 - Page 51


The sunset colours over the Yarriambiack Weir Pool at Brim really topped off our three-day whip around the Mallee silo trail . A refreshing drink in the warm early evening , watching the ducks and people on the lake was serene and very relaxing .
Jane and my journey started a few days earlier , leaving Melbourne late afternoon and heading north-west to Ararat . Our first night ’ s accommodation was Langi Ghiran Campground off the Western Highway , about 12km east of Ararat . The drive in was gorgeous and suitable for most vehicles and vans .
That night a rough plan was cemented : head to Horsham for some last-minute supplies , then take as many back roads as possible to cover the silo trail clockwise from Goroke . While we took these back roads , this trip can be done on blacktop all the way .
Langi Ghiran ( Lar-ne-jeering ) offers several attractions that make a visit worthwhile . The Reservoir Walk is stunning with incredible views , while the walk into Lar-ne-jeering art site is an easy 1.8km , providing a good view or two . The wildlife through this park is pretty special too . The custodians of this area are the Djab Wurrung people , who named the park and ask all visitors to be respectful of the park ' s heritage .
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