GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #65 - Page 46

RVsecure has three different modes : normal , silent ( no siren on activation , only strobe ) or night . Night mode is especially useful as it disables the internal PIR and motion detector while the other sensors remain armed . That way , you can fall asleep knowing that the external hatches , etc ., are protected , without accidentally tripping the internal sensors .
There ’ s a couple other features worth mentioning : the RVsecure has a built-in digital level , which means you can level your van on site without the aid of , say , a spirit level . Very clever . There ’ s also a ‘ panic button ’. This works whether the system is armed or not . Simply press the panic button and the siren will sound and the strobe light will activate .
The hardware required for installation is also supplied . This includes a pigtail wiring loom and two 30A relays and crimp connectors .
Finally , RVsecure is GPScompatible . An optional ‘ plug-andplay ’ 4G GPS communications hub is available and it ’ s simply a matter of finding somewhere in the van to mount it , connecting it to the RVsecure control box , and fitting the antennas .
Wireless sensors can be added to the doors / hatches that you ' d like to secure .
The GPS hub has a battery backup , and the system will alert you if power to the system is cut , while continuing to track the location of the van . It updates every three hours but shifts to live tracking when towing is detected . The van ’ s owner can track the location of the van online and via an app . It will even send SMS , email , and app notifications to your smartphone .
RVsecure is one of the most comprehensive RV alarm systems that we have seen and , price wise , it ’ s competitive . The top-end PlatinumX system retails for $ 699 ; however , you ’ d need to factor in installation costs if you are not confident in doing it yourself . The optional GPS communications hub costs $ 300 and tracking subscriptions start at $ 100 per year .
For that you get an all-in-one RV security solution – and let ’ s not forget , you can expand the system with additional sensors to cover up to 16 ‘ zones ’ in total . When you consider the cost of the van and the enjoyment it gives you , it seems like relatively cheap peace of mind .
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