GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #65 - Page 45


The siren , which comes with the kit , is particularly loud , as we discovered when being shown the RVsecure PlatinumX by customer Paul Weiss . He had fitted this system to his Crusader and was very pleased with the functionality .
In addition to the siren , a blue strobe light is supplied with the PlatinumX . This provides a visual reference that the alarm has been activated , which might be useful in holiday parks or for people who are hearing impaired .
Further , the kit comes with two key remotes , allowing you to activate or disarm the system as necessary .
A key benefit of the RVsecure system is the ability to easily add more sensors . For example , you might want to protect the contents of your A-frame-mounted toolbox , or the rear tunnel boot . There are additional PIRs , Reed switches as well as a vertical door sensor ( exclusive to RVsecure ) that can be added , as well as a single wired circuit if you want to go with PIN switches .
Now , RVsecure is not just an alarm system . If someone tries to hitch up the van and make off with it when it is activated , the system will lock the electric brakes of the van , meaning it simply can ’ t be towed away . The sensitivity of this feature is adjustable , since no two vans are the same .
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