GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #65 - Page 35

The van ’ s various controls , including the solar regulator , slideout and Suburban hot water heater switch are mounted low , in the entryway . The van is also fitted with an electric awning – again , this all makes good sense .
When I picked up the Regal Access Van , I immediately noticed that Regal had fitted it with a 12V electric jockey stand . If you ’ ve ever used one , you ’ ll know the difference they make in terms of hitching and unhitching .
A tunnel boot system has been fitted to this van ; however , the nearside section is equipped with a pull-out barbecue . Behind that is a fold-down picnic table which , for obvious reasons , is set a little lower than the traditional height . A second picnic table is mounted aft of the extra-wide entrance .
As is typical of Regal , the Regal Access Van is built with a meranti timber frame . This frame is clad with smooth composite aluminium and black checkerplate . The suspension is an independent trailing arm coil setup rated to 3.7 tonnes . The 15in alloy wheels are fitted with 12in electric drum brakes .
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