GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #65 - Page 34

The interior is immaculate . Maximum floor space is clearly a necessity in a wheelchair-friendly van – Regal has achieved an excellent result by fitting a slideout , in which sits the dinette , and by intentionally omitting a permanent table . Instead , a portable table is supplied . The amount of space provided by this simple solution is quite impressive .
Further , by building this van on a 4in chassis with 6in main members on top , Regal has been able to do away with internal wheel boxes .
Kitchen bench space is equally impressive . Regal can build to any reasonable ( and some unreasonable ) requests . In this instance , the customer wanted 900mm-high benches . It is equipped with a range of storage options , microwave , a flatscreen TV on a swivel arm , and more .
The design intention of the bathroom is , naturally , to facilitate a wheelchair . It is spacious and sensible – the shower is among the largest I have seen in any caravan , for obvious reasons .
The bedroom also has something different to offer . Rather than being located centrally , the bed is offset to the corner . This has created a wheelchair-friendly space on the nearside – very clever .
The hatches throughout the van are ‘ rain-sensing ’ units . Effectively , when it starts to rain , the hatches close themselves automatically . This makes a lot of sense , given at least one of the van ’ s occupants will be in a wheelchair .
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