GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #65 - Page 27

The interior of our review caravan was very comfortable . Doubleglazed windows fitted with privacy screens and reverse-cycle airconditioning are among the features . The kitchen is complete with a reasonable amount of bench space , a fridge , four-burner cooktop and griller , and even a microwave .
The kitchen also has convenient storage space in the form of deep drawers , an under-sink cupboard , a small pull-out pantry adjacent to the comfy leather-look dinette with fold-out table .
I felt that the dinette would have benefitted from the inclusion of flip-out footrests , but overall it was cosy .
The bedroom , meanwhile , is complete with a comfortable queen-size bed , along with a flatscreen TV . A Fusion stereo system is also among the entertainment features . The bedroom has ample storage , including a decent amount of room for hanging up clothes in the bedside wardrobes , drawers , overhead lockers , and under-bed storage .
The ensuite comes complete with a wall-mounted front-loading washing machine beside the stylish vanity and shower . Although the shower is a bit tight for larger folk , it is vented with a roof hatch and extraction fan to remove the steam . The shower is obviously plumbed to the van ’ s water supply , which includes a 20L hot water system .
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