GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #65 - Page 26

The fibreglass sandwich panel construction of the van provides a quality , modern look , not to mention the strength and rigidity that comes with such construction . Its single-piece composite floor means you ’ re not likely to take damage from underneath the van when rolling along a country lane somewhere . The Genesis has additional stone protection in the form of aluminium checkerplate on the front and sides .
If you were to crawl underneath , you would find two 82L water tanks that are very well protected . What ’ s more , all the visible plumbing underneath the van was neatly placed out of harm ’ s way .
However , when it comes to stone protection , it would have been good to see a stoneguard on the A-frame and perhaps for the tap to be set further back behind a stoneguard of its own . Having said that , we ’ re told future production models will be fitted with a stoneguard on the A-frame .
For those looking for a longer adventure , exterior storage is important . The Genesis has a good tunnel boot that is home to the awning winder and 120Ah deep cycle battery just inside the offside end of the tunnel boot .
Talking about power , a single 190W solar panel and regulator complement the electrical specs . This might be a bit on the light side for those that want to add aftermarket creature comforts down the track , but it ’ s a good starting point . When it comes to convenience , there ’ s also an external hot and cold shower .
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