GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #65 - Page 17

IDAS also includes Rear Cross Traffic Alert , Traffic Sign Recognition , Driver Attention Assist and a Blind Spot Monitor . I found these systems all worked as intended – and was rather impressed by Traffic Sign Recognition , which accurately and consistently ‘ noticed ’ revised speed limits in areas of road works .
Externally , you ’ ve got rear parking sensors , LED fog lights , 18in alloy wheels , and one optional feature that I quite liked is the electric roller tonneau cover for the tub . Press a button on the supplied fob and the cover will open or close as required . Neat .
But what else does the LS-U + get in comparison to the lower-spec LS-U ? Among the features , there ’ s a towbar receiver as standard , as well as a tub liner and an additional 100kg worth of GVM – particularly useful for caravanning .
A feature that should be of interest to vanners : the vehicle gets a 120A alternator to deliver ample power for appliances , such as a portable fridge .
As mentioned , we will be testing this vehicle with different , heavier vans over the coming months and will have more to say about its fuel-efficiency and performance as a heavy-duty tow vehicle . I can say right now , however , that when towing a mid-weight van , the D- MAX proved why it ’ s been gaining so much traction among caravanners .
It mightn ’ t offer the same power and torque outputs of some of its competitors , but when viewed as a complete package , the D-MAX is a very serious proposition .
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