GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #65 - Page 16

The interior of the LS-U + is , well , in comparison to my 2018 MU-X … there is no comparison . It ’ s night and day . Switching back to my MU-X after a couple days behind the wheel of the new D-MAX left me somewhat disappointed . When it was relaunched in 2020 , IUA gave the D-MAX ( and later on the MU-X ) the interior it deserved .
The LS-U + gets a premium black leather steering wheel and gear knob , black leather-accented upholstery and interior trims , variable heated front seats , power-adjustable driver ’ s seat , dual zone climate control , rainsensing windscreen wipers , pushbutton starting and much more . In terms of technology and comforts , it ’ s truly now a 21st century vehicle . In this format , the commercial origins of the D-MAX are much less apparent .
The 9in infotainment screen features Apple Car Play and is also Android-compatible – obviously it has satellite navigation and even voice recognition .
As part of the D-MAX ’ s 2020 overhaul , it was given a suite of safety features collectively known as IDAS . Key among this system are Lane Keep Assist , Lane Departure Prevention and Autonomous Emergency Braking with Turn Assist . When I first tried this , a couple of years ago , I found these features slightly disconcerting – if the vehicle travelled too close to a lane marking , the wheel would ‘ tug ’ as the vehicle automatically repositioned itself . However , I quickly became used to it and it has become a welcome safety feature . It ’ s worth noting that you can toggle these lane-keeping features off , if you prefer .
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