GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #65 - Page 15

The LS-U + D-MAX comes with a 3500kg braked towing capacity , with 350kg allowed on the ball . The kerb ( unladen ) weight is 2112kg , which includes 76L of fuel , while the Gross Vehicle Mass ( GVM ) is 3100kg . This gives the vehicle a very decent payload capacity of 988kg .
As always , though , it ’ s important to factor in the Gross Combination Mass ( GCM ). This vehicle is rated to 6000kg GCM . So , if you were to tow bang-on 3500kg worth of van ( including the ball weight ), the vehicle itself could be loaded to 2500kg – a payload allowance of 388kg . ( This calculation is based on figures provided by Isuzu and includes the weight of the towbar , but doesn ’ t account for other optional accessories you might add , which would have to be factored in as well .)
Depending on how you travel , the after-market accessories fitted , the number of passengers , etc ., that doesn ’ t seem too unreasonable . Of course , this equation also relies on the van being exactly 3500kg ( including the ball weight ), which is unlikely . Tow 3400kg instead , for example , and the payload allowance of the vehicle would increase to 488kg , and so on .
My apologies for the caveats , but there are always variables to consider when sorting out towing weights .

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