GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #65 - Page 10

I ' ve done a bit of looking but simply cannot find any trailers to tow behind a motorhome that can store all the other bits and pieces . I was looking at 8x5s – something like a tradie ’ s trailer that ’ s lockable ( to slow down thieves ) with racks .
I want to stow the spare tyre , bikes , fishing gear , outdoor cooker , firewood and brasier , extra fuel , outboard motor , etc . The racks on top would carry a tinnie .
Just on another issue , my sister was up at Miranda van park , where she was relieved of her iPad by some thieving mongrel .
Perhaps better security for van parks , with cameras , is needed . Could suggest it even to owners of caravans and motorhomes to install on their vehicles . Just a couple of suggestions that you may wish to do a story on .
Ron Clay
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