GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #62 - Page 52

This is what I meant about cohesive systems that covered everything . There ’ s no need to purchase a separate tyre pressure monitoring system which , let ’ s face it , is another display screen to mount somewhere . Why not have one system that will monitor various temps , the battery ’ s state of charge , etc ?
The beauty of the system is this : it ’ s up to you which things you wish to monitor . There is no need to fit each and every sensor . Conversely , the flexibility is there to allow you to monitor , well , everything , from the amount of gas remaining in the cylinders , to the temperature of your van ’ s cupboards .
If your van doesn ’ t have an OdysseyLink , you might be asking why you should care . Well , this article is about more than the search for a cohesive system . It ’ s also about searching for an inclusive system – bringing the convenience of the technology to the masses .
In lieu of an OdysseyLink , there ’ s the ProSmart system , which we ’ ve featured in GoRV previously . It is functionally quite similar , in that you can purchase a kit that offers a range of sensors ; however , the sensors ’ data is managed by the central ProSmart node that ’ s provided in the kit , rather than the OdysseyLink . It just needs to be connected to the onboard battery and mounted somewhere suitable . A point of difference , however , is that up to 40 sensors can by paired via Bluetooth to the ProSmart . The ProSmart node will transmit the data to a special app , which could be up to 20m away by line of sight , down by a river , allowing you to quickly refer to your phone should you be concerned , for example , about the temperature of your fridge or the amount of water left in the van ’ s freshwater tanks .
Further , we ’ re told that BMPRO plans to increase the range of sensors and features available for the Odyssey system .
So if your van has an OdysseyLink system , it ’ s time to look at the SmartConnect range in order to get the most out of it . If it doesn ’ t , and this technology appeals to you , all is not lost – check out the ProSmart . This is the future of caravanning – inclusive , cohesive systems that bring disparate aspects of a van under the ‘ one roof ’.
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