GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #62 - Page 51


Essentially , SmartConnect works in conjunction with the BMPRO OdysseyLink system . The primary function of the Odyssey Link is to receive data sent by SmartConnect sensors about various aspects of the caravan . This data is then transmitted to a 7in BMPRO Odyssey tablet mounted inside the van or to the Odyssey smartphone app . If your van has the smaller BMPRO Trek digital display , the data must be sent to a smartphone app . In either case , the OdysseyLink can broadcast the data to up to four separate devices .
Confused ? Don ’ t be . It ’ s actually quite simple . If your van is equipped with a BMPRO OdysseyLink – as many new vans are nowadays – you can purchase a range of SmartConnect sensors to monitor various features and functions .
For example , sensors are available to monitor the levels of your van ’ s gas cylinders , the pressure in the van and tow vehicle ’ s tyres , the temperature of the fridge and , say , the temperature of the front boot . Further , it can be set-up to also monitor the amount of water left in the van ’ s freshwater tanks .
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