GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #62 - Page 48

The company has designed the power pack and wi-fi hotspot to be mounted almost anywhere inside the caravan – an overhead locker with a nearby 240V point is a good location because , yes , the system requires 240V power , but it will run happily off an inverter – as low as 300W .
Once the system is set-up and receiving power , it ’ s time to fire up the app and head back to the antenna to make small directional adjustments for optimum internet speed – the upload and download speeds will be displayed on the app .
The router can accept two SIM cards . It is compatible with most carriers ; however , Out There Internet recommends carrying both a Telstra and an Optus SIM .
In our experience , the Out There Internet system works brilliantly . While the company doesn ’ t make claims about the product working in all remote areas around Australia , customers have found it to work in the most unlikely of places . For example , Joe showed me a message from a happy customer who was receiving excellent internet coverage 30km out of Tom Price , WA .
A great feature of the app is the fact that other users can share the locations where they ’ ve received internet coverage , whether it be on the Gibb River Road or somewhere on South Australia ’ s Eyre Peninsula , along with the internet speed they achieved .
It ’ s important to note that this system does not require the user to be directly next to the hotspot . In fact , it ’ s not unusual to receive coverage up to 100m away .
Based on our own experience with the system , and having been given a thorough rundown on how it works by Joe Glavic , we highly recommend it . If you foresee any need to stay connected when on the road , you won ’ t regret purchasing Out There Internet .
The telescopic pole for the router can extend up to 3.6m .
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