GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #62 - Page 47


The Out There Internet kit comes with the 4G router / antenna , a telescopic mounting pole , a bracket , up to 10m of data cable , a special data point for the wall of the caravan , the wi-fi hotspot and the power pack . It also provides users with access to a unique app .
First , it ’ s a matter of mounting the in-house-designed stainless steel bracket to a suitable point on the van – either the drawbar or the rear bar . The bracket has three separate bolting positions to suit a 75mm , 100mm or a 150mm chassis . Each bolt comes with an R clip as a safety precaution . For example , if you forget to remove the bracket and tow the van along a corrugated road , the bracket won ’ t go anywhere if the nuts rattle loose .
Then , you insert the pole in the sleeve on the bracket , secure the antenna to the sturdy telescopic pole and up you go . Tip : because the pole can raise the router 3.6m in height , it ’ s a good idea to plug in the data cable first .
Next , it ’ s a matter of connecting the other end of the data cable to that custom data outlet . You could , in theory , run the data cable into the van through a window but Out There Internet has developed a special data point designed to look just like a typical external caravan GPO . Installation is just a matter of drilling a hole through the cladding in the desired location and screwing it to the wall .
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