GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #62 - Page 38

A cabinet fills out the space on the rear wall , with shelving for the kids ’ gear in the top half , and a front-loading washing machine at the bottom .
The ensuite is attractive . You ’ ll find here a swivel cassette toilet , a vanity with mirror and storage space , and a separate fullymoulded fibreglass shower – the only join is at the top and it ’ s neatly gapped with white silicone .
The kitchen is equipped with a Thetford 182L three-way fridge with an NCE microwave recessed into the cabinetry above . The kitchen doesn ’ t offer a great deal of bench space , though . Caravan design is always a trade-off – to fit a larger kitchen would ’ ve required a smaller front or rear bedroom , or increasing the length of the van .
The van comes standard with Rio Caravans ’ ‘ Black Series ’ package . Among the inclusions , this includes a classy black kitchen sink and black tapware .
The lockers are finished in a matte laminate designed to not show up fingerprints . In one locker above the kitchen you ’ ll find the 12V fuses , water level indicators , gas / electric hot water service switches , water pump switch , the regulator for the dual 170W solar panels mounted to the roof , as well as the battery charger . Centralising all of this equipment inside one locker just makes sense .
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