GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #62 - Page 32

The beauty of the environment is one very good reason to visit Kurth Kiln as you explore Victoria . Another reason : the area ’ s namesake Kurth Kiln .
This kiln was built during World War II in order to create charcoal , which was used in special gas producer units attached to cars , creating an alternative fuel source to petrol during the war . Designed and patented by University of Tasmania professor E . E . Kurth , this kiln stands today as an incredible reminder of the ingenuity displayed during these times . To this day , the kiln remains relatively intact – it is the only one of its type in Australia .
Here , you ’ ll also find four out of 18 remaining huts that were purchased in the 1940s by the Forests Commission for returned servicemen working within the forestry industry .
Four of the 18 old huts are still standing .
The best bet is to head towards Gembrook and drive along Gembrook-Launching Place Road . After a few kilometres , you ’ ll find Beenak Road on the left . Follow that road for a few more kilometres and you ’ ll happen upon the kiln and camping areas . While these roads are gravel , they are quite serviceable – 2WD vehicles should have no problems . Travellers with large rigs , such as fifth wheelers , should likewise find access to the campgrounds possible .
Kurth Kiln Regional Park – it ’ s the kind of place you might visit for a night or two as you head east towards Gippsland , or use as a base camp for exploring the wider Dandenong Ranges . Gembrook is home to the historic Puffing Billy Station – another good reason to stay just a little while .
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