GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #62 - Page 31

East of Melbourne , not too far , is a beautiful free camp . It ’ s peaceful , nestled within the natural environment , and comes with a dash of history . This free camp ? Kurth Kiln .
Kurth Kiln Regional Park is about 65km east of Melbourne , near Gembrook . The campground , known as Kurth Kiln Picnic Ground and Camping Area , is one of the closest true bush camps to the city .
There are plenty of sites from which to choose . Truthfully , you should not have any difficulty finding somewhere to park your van . All sites are hard-packed earth and clearly marked amongst towering trees .
The campsites are divided into a few distinct areas : Magazine Track Campground , Heritage Fence Camping Area , and Scout Loop Track Campground . The Scout Loop area has more sites and is where you ’ ll find the toilet ; however , the other sites are within walking distance .
Aside from a few picnic tables here and there , as well as some communal fire rings and one drop toilet , facilities here are very limited . Bring your own firewood , food and water . And with no bins provided , you ’ ll need to bag your rubbish and take it with you when you leave .
The region is popular with horseback riders – so much so that there is a designated area for unloading horses and even a small horse corral .
Naturally , you can expect to spot all manner of wildlife , from koalas to wombats , lace monitors to wallabies . Apparently , you could even spot a platypus or two .
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